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Artiteq Ratchet Hook ▪ 15kg

Artiteq Ratchet Hook ▪ 15kg
Artiteq Ratchet Hook ▪ 15kg
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  • ● For use with 2mm Perlon/Steel Wires & 2mm Rods
    ● Self-locking hook fitted with an auto-grip clamping mechanism
    ● 15kg Maximum Load Capacity
    ● 10 Year Warranty
    ● Delivery: 1 - 2 Business Days

Use with 2mm Suspender ▪ Supports up to 15kg ▪ 10 Years Warranty


Artiteq Ratchet Hook 2mm



Ratchet Hooks are fitted with the self-locking Auto Grip clamping mechanism. Clamping force increases with higher loads. The hook can be easily vertically adjusted by simply pressing the release button on top and the fastener’s housing together.



Ratchet Hooks 2mm can be used in conjunction with all Artiteq cables listed below:


                Twister 2mm Perlon

                Twister 2mm Steel Wire

                Twister 2mm Rod

                Twister Click2Fix 2mm Perlon

                Solid Slider 2mm Perlon

                Solid Slider 2mm Steel Wire

                Slider + Perlon 2mm

                Perlon + Loop 2mm

                Rod White Steel 2mm


The Ratchet Hook 2mm maximum load capacity of 15kg applies to all listed cable types.


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