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Artiteq Hanging Wires & Hooks

Hang your wall decorations with more safety using the diverse range of hanging wires and hooks by Artiteq. When planning to decorate your space with wall hangings, pictures, or artwork, our hanging wires and hooks are sure to meet all your needs. To be used in combination with art hanging rail systems, our line-up of hanging wires and hooks supports your masterpieces with care ensuring absolute safety. They offer the required support to the pictures and wall decorations for a long-term function.

Available in a wide range of sizes, finishes, and designs, you can choose the right kind of hooks and hanging wires as per your needs. The hook is to be attached to the hanging cord or wire which is then inserted into the slot of the rail and can be moved along the full length of the picture rail. Therefore, Artiteq brings you a wide selection of user-friendly and sturdy suspension wires and hooks to choose from. Choose from the Twister Hanging Wires, Solid Slider Hanging Wires, Picture Hooks, Rail Hooks and more, depending on your chosen rail and the artwork to be hanged.

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