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About Eyevolution Ltd

We are a small but dedicated team of specialists working in the picture hanging industry. One of our experts is a Guild Commended / Certified Framer and has been working in the framing business for over a decade.

From our many years of experience we know that there are lots of different ways to effectively display pictures, photos etc. Our friendly team would be happy to answer all your questions and guide you through any problems you may have deciding which system is the best solution for you. Just give us a call or drop us an email.

From exhibitions and galleries with large collections of artwork to families with treasured photos of loved ones, or just to hang your favourite picture on the living room wall, we will always do our best to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with your picture hanging system.

Why Artiteq?

Specialist in Hanging Concepts

Artiteq has been developing flexible hanging systems for pictures and other wall decorations since 1995. Decorating walls involves more than just hanging pictures - Artiteq combines this philosophy with its product specialism and has developed an extensive range of products in recent years. In addition to picture hanging systems, Artiteq also markets display systems and solo hanging systems (non-rail systems).

Research and Development

Flexibility and a continuous drive to keep innovating are Artiteq’s strengths. In designing and producing hanging systems, the company aims to offer the best quality, whilst always placing a high priority on the environment and sustainability. Having its own Research & Development department all products are generally developed with a minimum safety factor of three. This means that all products are designed to hold three times the weight of the recommended maximum load capacity.

Quality Control

Artiteq has its own Quality Control department. Not only does this department check safety in relation to the weight that can be hung from the products, but also checks the appearance and functionality. For the Combi Rail Pro Light picture hanging system (a product with electrical components), Artiteq declares that this product fulfils the applicable guidelines in accordance with standards EN 60598-1 / EN 60598-2-1 / EN 60570 / EN 55015 and EN 61547.

Product Warranty

Artiteq gives a 10-year guarantee on all of its products with the exception of Combi Rail Pro Light (a 2-year guarantee applies to electrical components) provided the products have been fitted correctly and been used for its intended purpose.

TÜV certification

In order to guarantee the quality and independence of each product, Artiteq has commissioned TÜV for the testing of all of its products. TÜV Nederland is an independent and recognised body that assesses the quality of products according to a set standard and has extensive experience in the field of product safety and product inspections. A TÜV seal of approval / certification is a confirmation that a product meets quality requirements, is safe and/or environmentally responsible.

Corporate social responsibility

Artiteq has been working closely with the Diamant group for more than 20 years and in this way they support persons with disabilities by providing jobs tailored to their needs and make them feel part of society. Working with the Diamant group means choosing corporate social responsibility. Artiteq has its own space within the Diamant group with a permanent group of employees who are busy assembling picture hanging systems here every day. Accuracy and quality are maintained by controlled procedures and several quality checks throughout the day.

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