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Artiteq Ceiling Systems

Say goodbye to nails and holes in the walls with the contemporary and practical ceiling mounted picture hanging systems by Artiteq. Giving a new edge to your home or office decor, the ceiling-mounted systems turn functional when you can’t drill holes into the walls. Depending on your needs, we have gathered diverse options for you, which include Top Rail and Up Rail with unique designs and mounting solutions for your ease. The ceiling-mounted systems can be mounted to the concrete or next to the recessed ceiling for effortless hanging of your most valued artworks.

The systems are most desirable for their flexibility, allowing you to attach the hanging wires anywhere along the rail. They are easy to mount and don't damage your walls. Both the Top Rail and Up Rail picture hanging systems have a maximum load capacity of 20kg/m and can be extended to the desired length by joining 2 rails together as well as cut to size with a hacksaw or appropriate power tool. Though both rails offer the same functionalities, the Top Rail is an ideal choice for suspended or dropped ceilings whereas the Up Rail can be mounted directly using Click&Connect brackets. The beautiful rounded shape of the rail fills the space between the wall and ceiling, giving the picture hanging system a discreet and natural appearance.

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