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Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4218/5
Loop Maker Are you looking for a hanging solution to display your favourite piece of art or maybe a plant pot but a hook won’t do the job? Then the Loop Maker may be just the alternative to go for. Sturdy and durable, it allows you to create a long-lasting loop using a 2-mm perlon cord for hold..
Ex Tax:£4.67
Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4235/5
Ex Tax:£3.50
Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.6645
Ex Tax:£5.00
Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4404
This spool contains 100 metres of 2mm perlon cord. The cord is absolute identical to the cord all 2mm perlon Artiteq hanging wires are made from. We recommend to cut the cord with a sharp blade rather than with scissors to get a clean cut...
Ex Tax:£29.58
Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4431/10
Artiteq 2mm Wire Clamp for use with 2mm perlon cord and 2mm steel wires to create loops...
Ex Tax:£2.04
Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4550
Whiteboard Hanging Set Are you looking for a smart option to hang a whiteboard in your room or office? Then look no further, we’ve got you covered. Using the Artiteq Whiteboard Hanging Set in combination with a hanging rail provides a convenient and flexible solution to precisely position the whi..
Ex Tax:£23.08
Model: 9474-SG
Wire Guide to reduce tilting of frames A picture hanging system is a popular method to display pictures and allows you to hang several frames, pictures and other pieces of art as a gallery wall. Depending on the size, thickness and weight, certain frames may tilt when displayed using a hanging sy..
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