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Artiteq Integrated Rails

Purposefully manufactured for building and renovation projects, Artiteq developed the Integrated Picture Hanging Systems that are used in combination with recessed or plasterboard ceilings for the safe hanging of wall decorations and artwork. Whether you use it for commercial buildings or home decor, the integrated picture hanging systems are the more distinctive and modern-age solution to the art of hanging. Taking pride in developing 4 different built-in picture hanging systems, the Shadowline Masonry and Drywall are most commonly used and are available in 13mm for use with 12.5mm plasterboard ceilings, in compliance with UK Fire Safety Regulations.

By selecting integrated hanging systems you set the standard for perfection. These systems offer huge advantages such as having the flexibility to quickly and easily re-arrange artwork without damage to walls or additional costs. You will benefit from a clean and neat solution of an almost invisible picture hanging system where only the shadowline becomes visible between the wall and the ceiling, offering a classy and smooth look. Another hidden system is the Deco Rail which is mounted behind the cornices moulding. So, whatever it is that you need to decorate the walls of your room, pick one of our integrated hanging systems to redefine the look.

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