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Mouse Magnets

Mouse Magnets have been developed for use with the Artiteq Picture Mouse hanging wire. Sets of Mouse Magnets are available in colour and white. Of course you can use these fun Mouse Magnets on any other steel underground.

Brand: Artiteq Model: 7430.020
Magnets for use with Picture Mouse Add more than just pictures to the Picture Mouse Cord to uplift the decor settings of the dedicated space using these fancy Mouse Magnets by Artiteq. Available in a set of 6 in durable white finish, the Mouse Magnets are developed with precision to offer you a..
Ex Tax:£11.50
Brand: Artiteq Model: 7430.010
Magnets for use with Picture Mouse Add an appealing touch to the Picture Mouse Cord using these little coloured Mouse Magnets developed by Artiteq. Featuring a nice smooth finish in beautiful vibrant colours, these magnets are a unique yet playful way of displaying photos, postcards, drawings o..
Ex Tax:£11.50
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