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When installing a wall mounted picture hanging system flush against the ceiling you may notice some difficulties based on the size of the drill chuck when using a power drill. The Click&Connect mounting clips are designed in such a way that the screws can be inserted diagonally up to a 10° angle. If the angle is too steep or you just prefer to drill at a straighter angle, we recommend that you use a longer drill or a special power drill with a compact head. We further suggest placing a piece of white cardboard with 150gsm or more between the drill chuck and ceiling to avoid marks when touching the ceiling accidentally during drilling.



Hanging Wires & Hooks

There are two different procedures to fit the hanging wires into the track depending on the model you use. All perlon cords and steel cables fitted with the Twister glider system can be attached and removed anywhere along the rail.


All Twister Hanging Wires



Hanging wires with the Slider or Solid Slider system can be fitted only via the side of the track. Therefore, Slider and Solid Slider wires cannot be used in connection with integrated rail systems or if the picture hanging system is installed over the full length of a wall from corner to corner. All systems can be moved freely within the track when attached.


Solid Slider & Slider + Perlon Hanging Wires



Cutting Perlon Cord
All our perlon hanging cords may be cut without any special requirement. We recommend cutting the perlon cord with a sharp blade as the use of unsuitable scissors may create a burr, making it difficult to slide the picture hook onto the cord. Alternatively, just wind up any overflowing piece of cord and tuck it away behind your artwork (if necessary, use a cable tie, some tape or a paperclip).


Cutting Steel Cable
Steel cable should not be cut without special attention. The end of our steel wires has been fused directly after cutting. This avoids the ends from becoming frayed. If you cut them in the field they are likely to fray what makes it impossible to slide any hook onto the hanging wire. If possible, coil up any excess length and hide it on the back of hanging artwork. However, there are times when cables simply must be trimmed. Should this be the case, please contact our service team for further advice.



Shipping & Invoice

Yes, we can arrange next day delivery (Monday to Thursday & UK Mainland only) for items which are indicated for ‘1-2 Business Days’ delivery on the item’s product page. The information can be found to the right of the main product image. Cut off times for next day deliveries are based on the item dimensions. The cut off times are 11:30am for items longer than 60cm (rails, hanging rods and most photo rails) and 2:30pm for all other items. Please call our team on 0121-360-3086 to arrange a next day delivery.

Yes, we offer FREE standard delivery on orders over £90.00 excl. VAT (£108.00 incl. VAT). Offer excludes items longer than 250cm and Legamaster boards.

No! All our products are sold separately and you may order just one item. However, all orders below £90.00 (excl. VAT) are subject to our shipping charges.


The new Artiteq Product Catalogue can be downloaded throughout this website. Just click on the catalogue image in right column and the catalogue will open in a new browser window. Now you can save a copy to your hard drive if required.

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Please contact us directly by phone, via email or the contact form and our customer service will be happy to assist you.

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