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Artiteq Frame Hangers

Brand: Artiteq Model: 808.650S
Artiteq Frame Hanger for use with wooden picture frames. This frame hanger will be attached to the back of your wooden picture frame or canvas stretcher bars. Each nickel-plated frame hanger comes with 4 x 6x3/8 pan-head screws...
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 808.600S
Artiteq heavy-duty Frame Hanger Set L+R for large and heavy picture frames and artwork. These frame hangers will be attached to the left and right top corner at the back of the frame. The set includes 10 x 4x3/8 pan head screws...
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 808.720
Artiteq Aluminium Frame Hanger for use with most aluminium frame profiles. The frame hanger slides into the slot of the aluminium profile and has 2 pre-installed screws which allows you to adjust and secure the frame hanger to the picture frame. Included screws require a well-fitting flat-he..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 7805.050
This self-locking Ratchet Frame Hanger is fitted with Artiteq’s Auto Grip technology and can be used with our complete range of 2.0mm hanging wires. Simply press down the small tube at the top to release the wire for adjustment or removal. Installed directly to the back of the frame it repla..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 7805.055
This Artiteq Ratchet Frame Hanger comes with the same self-locking Auto Grip technology used in the auto-grip picture hooks. It will be screwed to the back of the frame and the hanging wire goes directly into the frame hanger with no additional picture hook. The hanging wire can be adjus..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.5522
Using 2 x D-Rings joint by a picture wire is one of the most common ways to hang a picture frame or canvas. Artiteq’s D-Ring Frame Hanger Set offers a strong and reliable solution for hanging your artwork. The set contents: 1x Steel Wire (150cm), 2x D-Rings Nickel-Plated, 2x Pan Head Screws..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 805.249/10
Using a pair of D-Rings is one of the most common ways to hang a picture frame or canvas. They provide anchor points for a picture cord to be looped around when screwed to both side panels at the back of a frame. The picture cord is then connected to the picture hook of hanging system. O..
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