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Picture Mouse

Picture Mouse cord is a steel wire that has a steel mouse attached to it which serves as a stabilising weight for the wire. Using the Mouse Magnets you can display your photos and cards on the hanging cord and create a fun and original hanging system on your wall. You can choose between a steel or white Picture Mouse hanging cord.

Brand: Artiteq Model: 7840.100
Wall-Mounted Display Set Add a contemporary flair to your interior decor with your favourite photos, drawings, artwork, or cards using the Artiteq Picture Mouse Solo Display System. It comes as a complete set and is a handy and professional hanging cord system to display various documents to ad..
Ex Tax:£13.58
Brand: Artiteq Model: 7805.014
Display Cord White Steel Reflect your unique style in your interior decor using the Picture Mouse in white finish. Ideal to hang cards, photos and documents one under the other, the Picture Mouse cord is a handy and original hanging cord made for both professional and personal use. Purposefully..
Ex Tax:£8.46
Brand: Artiteq Model: 7805.016
Display Cord Steel Crafty, cheerful, as well as practical, this Picture Mouse cord is an ideal pick to decorate the walls and interiors of your home or office. Hang anything such as documents, greeting cards, photos, or paintings by your little kid using magnets. Following the Twister/Glider ha..
Ex Tax:£8.46
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