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Artiteq Wall Plug 6mm Universal - 10pcs

Artiteq Wall Plug 6mm Universal - 10pcs
Artiteq Wall Plug 6mm Universal - 10pcs
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  • ● Compatible with:
    SKU 9.4929/10 Screw 3.5mm x 45mm
    ● Suitable for use with:
    Contour Rail, Click Rail, Click Rail Pro,
    Classic Rail(+) and Up Rail
    ● Delivery: 1 - 2 Business Days

Universal wall plug 6 x 36 mm with collar

Excellent German craftsman quality - the rawlplug that always holds.

Universal wall plug made of polyethylene, thus no unintentional countersinking in the drill hole. This universal wall plug can be used in combination with almost all building materials and with either wood or chipboard screws.

It expands in solid building material and holds through contact pressure. In hollow building materials the universal wall plug knots in the cavity of the building material. The special design of the wall plug ensures perfect screw guidance and the wings provide effective anti-rotation protection. It is designed differently from other well-known nylon rawlplugs so that it holds in solid materials such as masonry and concrete as well as in hollow brick and on panel materials.

Suitable Materials: concrete, natural stone, solid brick, sand-lime bricks, aerated concrete, plasterboard, perforated brick, hollow block and chipboard.

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