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Artiteq Slider + 2mm Perlon 150cm

Artiteq Slider + 2mm Perlon 150cm
Artiteq Slider + 2mm Perlon 150cm
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  • SKU: 9.4425
  • EAN: 8714946002555
  • ● Compatible with all Wall-Mounted Hanging Systems
    (except Classic Rail+)
    ● Cylinder Hook required when used with Classic Rail
    ● Also available in 100cm, 200cm, 250cm and 300cm
    ● For use with Partition Wall Hooks
    ● 15kg Maximum Load Capacity
    ● 10 Year Warranty
    ● Delivery: 1 - 2 Business Days

Perlon Slider Hanging Cord 2mm

The Artiteq Slider+Perlon 2mm is a multifunctional hanging cord. It can be used with panel hooks and cylinder hooks but also with all wall-mounted picture hanging systems by attaching the hanging cord via the side of the rail. Once attached, it is secured within the slot of the rail but also provides you with the flexibility to move your pictures without damaging the walls by sliding the hanging cord along the rail.

The Slider+Perlon cord is an economic and invisible version of the Solid Slider System. When attached to the rail the wire head completely disappears within the rail slot due its hexagon shape. With a maximum load capacity of 15kg, you can be confident when decorating your walls either with stylish picture frames, beautiful artwork or with artistic decor items to give your space a chich transformation. For pictures wider than 24 inch (60cm) we do recommend to use 2 cords and 2 picture hooks which increases the maximum load capacity to 30kg. It is also possible to hang several pictures onto one cord as long as the maximum load capacity of the cord is not exceeded.

All Artiteq 2mm picture hooks are suitable to use with this Slider+Perlon cord and it is available in the following lengths: 100cm, 150cm, 200cm, 250cm and 300cm. Excess cord can be simply wound up and hidden behind the picture. Alternatively, you can cut the perlon cord with a sharp retractable knife, scissors or diagonal pliers.

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