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Brand: Artiteq Model: 08.23200
Artiteq Solid Slider System ▪ Supports up to 20kg ▪ 10 Years Warranty       Solid Slider Perlon 2mm 200cm - Maximum Load 20kg Solid Slider hanging wires will be fitted by sliding the wires into the hanging rail via the openings at the side. Once attached to the rail ..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4309K
Discreet ceiling-mounted picture rail Simple and minimalistic, this Artiteq Top Rail in white finish (RAL 9003) is a durable and safe architectural hardware which can be used to display artworks, pictures, decor items, wall hangings, and a lot more that you would love to see on your canvas-like..
Ex Tax:£9.58
Brand: Artiteq Model: 09.23150
Artiteq Twister Slider System ▪ Supports up to 20kg ▪ 10 Years Warranty       Twister Perlon 2mm 150cm - Maximum Load 20kg Twister hanging wires are specifically developed for use with Artiteq picture hanging systems. The Twister mechanism offers a logical and easy w..
Ex Tax:£2.88
Brand: Artiteq Model: 09.13200
User-friendly Cliq2Fix Mechanism ▪ Supports up to 20kg ▪ 10 Years Warranty       Twister Cliq2Fix Perlon 2mm 200cm - Maximum Load 20kg     Thanks to the development of the Cliq2Fix mechanism, Twister Click2Fix perlon hanging wires now have an addi..
Ex Tax:£3.21
Brand: Artiteq Model: 30.21300
Use with Micro Grip Slimline ▪ Supports up to 5kg ▪ 10 Years Warranty..
Ex Tax:£3.17
Brand: Artiteq Model: 7840.240
Stainless Steel Wall Clip + 200 cm Twister Perlon ▪ Supports up to 5 kg ▪ 10 Year Warranty..
Ex Tax:£7.92
Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4360
Most Popular System ▪ Supports up to 30kg/m ▪ 10 Year Warranty   Click Rail White Primer 150cm - Maximum Load 30kg/m   The Click Rail is Artiteq’s most popular picture hanging system and can be easily installed. The wall mounted hanging rail may also be installed flush against ..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 05.53200
Paper-Gripper Rail with Name Tags Add a personalised touch to each of your documents on display using the Info Rail 'me'. Available in beautiful white finish, this Info Rail matches the sophisticated and chic decor of your home, office, or school premises. The rail is flexible and smart to offe..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.6670
Hook & Wire Set ▪ Supports up to 4kg ▪ 10 Years Warranty..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 7430.020
A FANCY WAY STICKING PHOTOS TO A WIRE These little Mouse Magnets, originally developed for use with the Artiteq Picture Mouse and Picture Mouse Solo, offer a unique way to stick your photos, postcards, drawings or notes to any steelwire. Your 6 white Mouse Magnets come with a compact but powerful..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4415
For Sliding & Panel Hooks ▪ Supports up to 20kg ▪ 10 Years Warranty..
Ex Tax:£1.42
Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4427
For Cylinder & Panel Hooks ▪ Supports up to 15kg ▪ 10 Years Warranty..
Ex Tax:£1.50
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