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Artiteq Picture Hanging Systems

Artiteq Picture Hanging Systems


Attractive hanging solutions for pictures, paintings, photo frames or drawings. Varying in functionality, design and type, our comprehensive range of hanging rails offers something for every user no matter if you’re looking for a sleek lightweight wall rail or favour a hanging system to be integrated in suspended or recessed ceilings. Once installed these flexible picture hanging systems allow you easily creating a whole new look by just moving your pictures around whenever you want.


Choosing a picture hanging system from one of the world’s top manufacturer is always a good decision that guarantees benefits for the long term and fits perfectly in sustainable building management strategies. Artiteq picture hanging systems are made from a high-quality aluminium alloy that is either anodised or powder-coated. In-house product development combined with extensive quality control procedures ensure a safe and convenient way to hang your pictures and wall decorations.

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