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Brand: Artiteq Model: 09.23150
Artiteq Twister Slider System ▪ Supports up to 20kg ▪ 10 Years Warranty       Twister Perlon 2mm 150cm - Maximum Load 20kg Twister hanging wires are specifically developed for use with Artiteq picture hanging systems. The Twister mechanism offers a logical and easy w..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 09.13200
User-friendly Cliq2Fix Mechanism ▪ Supports up to 20kg ▪ 10 Years Warranty       Twister Cliq2Fix Perlon 2mm 200cm - Maximum Load 20kg     Thanks to the development of the Cliq2Fix mechanism, Twister Click2Fix perlon hanging wires now have an addi..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 30.21300
Use with Micro Grip Slimline ▪ Supports up to 5kg ▪ 10 Years Warranty..
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Uniq Hanger Set Perlon 200cm Uniq Hanger Set Perlon 200cm
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 7840.240
Stainless Steel Wall Clip + 200 cm Twister Perlon ▪ Supports up to 5 kg ▪ 10 Year Warranty..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4320
Professional Gallery SystemSecure, flexible, durable, and elegant, the Classic Rail+ is a museum standard picture rail that allows you to hang your masterpieces in a neat, clean, and organised manner. Now, you never have to drill holes in the wall again. This professional gallery hanging system ..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4360
Most Popular System ▪ Supports up to 30kg/m ▪ 10 Year Warranty   Click Rail White Primer 150cm - Maximum Load 30kg/m   The Click Rail is Artiteq’s most popular picture hanging system and can be easily installed. The wall mounted hanging rail may also be installed flush against ..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 05.53200
Fixings & End Caps included ▪ Easy to Install ▪ 10 Year Warranty..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 30.41250/10
Use with 2mm Suspender ▪ Supports up to 20kg ▪ 10 Years Warranty   Artiteq Micro Grip Lock 2mm   Micro Grip represents the newest generation of hooks. A high-quality plastic reinforced with fibreglass was chosen for this hook, leading to a 70% reduction in the use of mater..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.6670
Hook & Wire Set ▪ Supports up to 4kg ▪ 10 Years Warranty..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 7430.020
A FANCY WAY STICKING PHOTOS TO A WIRE These little Mouse Magnets, originally developed for use with the Artiteq Picture Mouse and Picture Mouse Solo, offer a unique way to stick your photos, postcards, drawings or notes to any steelwire. Your 6 white Mouse Magnets come with a compact but powerful..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4415
For Sliding & Panel Hooks ▪ Supports up to 20kg ▪ 10 Years Warranty..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4427
For Cylinder & Panel Hooks ▪ Supports up to 15kg ▪ 10 Years Warranty..
Ex Tax:£1.38
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