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Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4903/10
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.3394
2.0mm Allen Key for Blocking Sleeve ▪ 10 Year Warranty..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 05.17010/CT
Power Corners 15mm Power Corners ensure equal weight distribution due to the rigid fixing achieved by a steel spring in the straight-cut profile as opposed to mitre-cut profiles. No additional frame accessories are required to mount the frame onto the wall as the printed panel can be hung fro..
Ex Tax:£6.50
Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.3390
2.5mm Allen Key for Anti-theft Devices ▪ 10 Year Warranty..
Ex Tax:£1.05
Brand: Artiteq Model: 05.16060
Back Frame Security Clip Using 4 Back Frame Security Clips your panel can be secured to the wall to minimise chances of theft in public places. The frame will be hung from all 4 clips and once rotated using the Security Key, the frame is locked into place. For detailed installation information, ..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4500
Simplify the art of decorating walls with this S-Hook in white finish. It adds a professional look and aesthetic appeal to any space. Artiteq has designed the S-Hook to be used with the Classic Rail and Classic Rail+ Hanging Systems as an alternative to using rods. The hook can be used on its ..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 05.16030
Ex Tax:£3.46
Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4928/10
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 05.16040/S
Combining Back Frame with a Picture Rail System Combining the Back Frame with a picture hanging system means flexibility and ease of use when decorating your walls. Why use a picture hanging system? Flexible wall decoration (always)Ease of use (hanging without drilling)Sustainable building ..
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Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4931/10
Ex Tax:£1.02
Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4929/10
Ex Tax:£0.92
Brand: Artiteq Model: 9.4900/10
Ex Tax:£0.58
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